Saturday, May 3, 2014

Click - Live In The Moment, Don't Fast Forward

I watched this movie as a child, but I did not get a lot of the references that this movie had to offer. Now with teenage eyes, I can see the stupid but funny jokes in Click.

Almost cried again. Wow. Movie stays true to myself.

Click tells the story of Michael Newman, played by Adam Sandler, a man who works hard in an architecture firm and hardly gets any time to spend with his family. Michael then falls upon a Bed, Bath & Beyond to find Morty, played by Christopher Walken, a behind the scenes worker who gives Michael a universal remote that controls life. 

The comedy of this movie was on point. All the times that I was expected to laugh because of a joke, I did. It all seemed really funny because of the recurring images of the next door neighbors and the dog humping the duck and so forth. Everything fit well with this movie.

The other thing that was on point was the time travel complex of Michael controlling his surroundings therefore controlling his life. Michael knew that he was digging himself deeper and deeper into this hole. In truth, no one can go back to the past to solve things. Michael takes the easy way out, and I think that it is shown here that life must be used to every possible limit or else time will slip away.

Time seems to be the ultimate enemy against Michael. Not Morty, not that creep guy from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Time forces Michael into a trap that he cannot get out of. Time is the ultimate factor in all things living. 

This movie really stuck in my mind because of course it seems futuristic, but also because of the truth that time is irreversible. Love it. One of my favorite movies. 

I give this movie a 5/5. 

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