Sunday, May 25, 2014

Drinking Buddies - Anticipation Sucks

I knew absolutely nothing about this movie.

The opening scenes introduces us to Kate, played by Olivia Wilde, a young woman who works at a brewery, alongside Luke, played by Jake Johnson, constantly hanging out together and going out for drinks. The workers all seem to love each other, both while working and while hanging out. However, Jill, played by Anna Kendrick, and Chris, played by Ron Livingston, seem oblivious to the fun in the world that Kate and Luke share both at work and at the bar.

Already off the bat, I can tell that the conflict will occur between the relationships of Luke and Jill and Kate and Chris. There is this disconnect in each of their relationships that seems will bring these relationships farther apart, leaving space for a possible new relationship to arise.

Within minutes of the group of buddies meeting each other, I could already tell that Luke and Kate tended to be the pair of people I would consider to be the funnest together and that Chris and Jill seem to be a bit more bland but together in their own blandness. Parts of me just want this sort of switch to just happen, but the chemistry between the characters is there. I like this movie somewhat already.

The anticipation of what Kate and Luke will do is too much. I feel that the movie has put forth too much running time to not even present the idea of Kate and Luke being together. Each of them still look at each other in a sort of brother and sister vibe, but really, we are all waiting for a kiss or something.

This story seems to basic and not full of life. I would root for Kate and Luke to get together, but there isn't a lot of instances where I'd say that they need to be together. I wish that the characters would be a bit more vivid that they appear.

After everything that has happened happened, all I have to say to close out this review is that the film does a good job of portraying something fun with little detail, but it is not something that I would watch over and over again.

I give this movie a 3/5.

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