Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kick-Ass 2 - Ahh! Violence = Wow.

Before watching this movie, of course I watched the first Kick-Ass. That was pretty nuts.

Just as much intensity. I think both are pretty fun movies.

Kick-Ass 2 tells the story of David Lizewski/Kick-Ass, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, a teenage boy who gets caught up in the crazy life of superheroes alongside Mindy Macready/Hit-Girl, played by Chloe Grace Moretz. While David wants to look for a sort of alliance among superheroes, Mindy wishes to live an ordinary life as a high school teen.

The opening scene features Mindy back at it with David, shooting him down, testing a bulletproof vest in the same fashion that Big Daddy, played by Nicholas Cage in the first film, did with Mindy. Of course, this is when we all get excited that the duo is back in the superhero business, with multiple training techniques and such.

The one thing I didn't like is how they dropped the whole story-line with David and his girlfriend, but hey I did like how they picked up other possible love interests for David to tackle on. Miranda Swedlow/Night-Bitch, played by Lindy Booth, was an interesting love interest.

Of course, the one thing that I didn't like was that David's friends had to be involved with the whole hero frenzy, but I guess I kind of accepted that as well.

I liked all the new superheroes like Doctor Gravity, played by Donald Faison, and Colonel Stars and Stripes, played by Jim Carrey. I was expecting more of a leadership conflict between Colonel Stars and Stripes and Kick-Ass, but I felt like the story-line was alright enough.

The good thing that this movie had that the first movie didn't was more of an emotional tie to characters. I felt like the characters in the first film were really solid in a lot of parts while this movie made you feel like the characters were real in a sense: more human.

The action was great. The actors are awesome. It was just as explosive as the first Kick-Ass was. The humor was on point. I was expecting it to be worse, but it turned out pretty good.

I give this movie a 4/5.

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