Saturday, May 24, 2014

Boyz n the Hood - Impacting Movie I Barely Discovered

I hardly knew a thing about this movie until some of my friends and I, as a part of that director's project, decided to watch this one movie.

Wow. I can understand why it was so impacting for them.

Boyz n the Hood tells the story of Tre Styles, played by Cuba Gooding, Jr, a boy who lives with his father Furious Styles, played by Larry Fishburne, in a hood of California. Furious teaches Tre that although his friends may be experiencing the troubles and struggles of the hood, Tre should not succumb to the temptations of the hood because it will backfire on him.

I felt that the authoritative nature of Furious Styles convinces us that he will be the sort of wise man of the movie. Although cliched, we do believe it because of Furious' direct and eloquent speech.

Tre Styles is, respectively, a good serving apprentice, hoping that some of the knowledge bursting from Furious can rub off of him in a way. Tre gets himself into situations where temptations are all around him. While everyone else gets their story of their interactions with these temptations, Tre struggles to keep himself under his own leash to fully indulge himself in these temptations.

Everything in this film is justified in terms of John Singleton's choices. We do see a better future over Furious Styles' head as he speaks out against the people who essentially placed blacks in ghettos in California. We see the stop sign at the beginning, being warned that this story is raw and life-changing. We see the split path that Tre Styles and Ricky Baker, played by Morris Chestnut, are each on.

Boyz n the Hood is definitely a film that I would see over and over again. John Singleton deserves the attention that he gets from this movie. Not only is this genuinely a good movie in terms of the various emotions that we feel from the situations in this movie, but the movie does a very good job of portraying the idea of choices and how the wrong choices, no matter how appealing, can cause a falling spiral staircase to appear.

I give this movie a 5/5.

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