Monday, March 17, 2014

The Lone Ranger - Stop Gloating, Villains!

So I didn't know what to think about this movie. Surely, I did have this sort of Pirates of the Caribbean vibe coming from the movie, especially since Johnny Depp is yet again in another live action movie of Disney's. 

Anywho, The Lone Ranger tells the story of John Reid, played by Armie Hammer, a young lawyer who gets tied up with a rowdy gang of rogue cowboys led by the infamous Butch Cavendish, played by William Fichtner. When a group of rangers go out to try to put a stop to Cavendish, Butch responds by killing every single one of the rangers, or so he thought. Tonto, played by Johnny Depp, is a Comanche Indian who revives John Reid and accompanies him in his quest to stop the infamous Butch Cavendish.

First off, I'd just like to say that whoever came up with these names: (Butch Cavendish John Reid) really had their heart set out on making this film as Western as possible. Butch is the typical villain name. Oh my gosh. I could not stop laughing when I got introduced to this villainous character. 

I'm not too comfortable with the idea of John Reid automatically being able to do something at the end of the movie, if you catch my drift. Again, this is a spoiler-free zone, so I'll try not to be specific. But, really? Like if this happened in my family, I would rather just leave things as they are and not take advantage of the moment like John Reid does at the end of the movie. 

Another thing that bothered me a bit was the gloating that Butch Cavendish and the other villain (again with the spoiler-free zone thing) kept doing. When you have Tonto or John Reid on the other side of the gun, you shoot! You don't wait until some other force of the universe stops you from achieving your goal. Every Disney villain freakin' gloats. It's a ridiculous thing that ticks me off sometimes.

Yet another thing that gets me ticked off is the stupid thing that Disney does at the end of every other movie with the whole "believe what you want to believe" kind of ideology. That is not a spoiler because this is true for every other Disney movie. There is a bit more that also ticks me off at the end of the movie, but alas I'll say no more.

I liked the action. I liked the visual effects. I liked Johnny Depp. The comedy. The ties to actual historical events that occurred. Armie Hammer was alright; he provided that awkward sort of comedic style  that drove the movie forward as well. 

I give this movie a 4/5. 

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