Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mr. Peabody & Sherman - A Genuinely Good Animated Movie

Before actually watching the movie, my initial impression of the film was that it was your typical bad children's movie where the director sort of puts things together in hopes of the film being a good film. I figured that it would be good for my younger siblings to watch, but I did not see much interest in it.

Yeah. That was a pretty good movie.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman tells the story of Mr. Peabody, voiced by Ty Burrell, a dog whose mind exceeds that of everyone around him, who comes across a boy by the name of Sherman, voiced by Max Charles, whom Mr. Peabody adopts. From then on, the pair become inseparable up until an incident occurs at Sherman's school one day where Sherman bites Penny Peterson, voiced by Ariel Winter, and the custody of Sherman is threatened.

The movie does a great job of incorporating history since Mr. Peabody's invention of the Way Back is what primarily drives the plot. Many puns, jokes, and slightly suggestive references make the movie not only something for children to enjoy but for adults to enjoy also.

The whole transformation of certain things in the movie was what really got to me. When it comes to a friendship being formed or Sherman realizing what he should truly stand for, it got to me. I felt this sort of prideful thing in the end because of it as well.

Even though at first I thought that Mr. Peabody seems like the perfect hero that always swoops in to saves the day, the pairing of Mr. Peabody with Sherman makes sense since Mr. Peabody always has something to worry about: Sherman. Although Sherman seems to become a chip on Mr. Peabody's shoulder, ultimately, we realize that Mr. Peabody and Sherman are a sort of yin and yang.

I felt like the three characters: Mr. Peabody, Sherman, and Penny Peterson all drive the plot of the story into some amazing ideals. Although the whole time travel side to the plot did get a bit old after a while, I feel as if Mr. Peabody and Sherman is a movie that I would watch another time.

I give this movie a 5/5.

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