Saturday, April 5, 2014

Movie 43 - It Is What It Is

Before watching this movie, all I knew what that it was a movie where many famous actors are featured having to do with a mix-up of skits and things.

Very incredulous and outrageous.

Movie 43 tells the story of Charlie Wessler, played by Dennis Quaid, a man trying to sell his movie pitch to Griffin Schraeder, played by Greg Kinnear. The entire movie is centered around short stories of ridiculous situations featuring famous actors.

In terms of the comedy within the shorts, I only laughed at certain ones and felt severely awkward with other ones. This is obviously not a film for the family, more for a bad movie night or something like that.

You have to go into the movie knowing that this will be a movie that the general public does not like. This felt like, after a while, a series of skits that I was viewing on YouTube, rather than a movie. Surely, the comedy of these skits would be better on YouTube, but as far some comedy is concerned, it's ok.

I feel like this seems like a complete joke in terms of movies in general. I like the idea of putting together a list of amazing actors and making this movie as a joke, but I cannot say that this is a movie that I would see again.

I give this movie a 2/5.

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