Saturday, April 26, 2014

Delivery Man - Powerful Comedy

Before watching this movie, all I knew was that it had to do with some guy with hundreds of children. Also that it looked really heart-warming on the surface.

Wow. I almost cried. Almost.

Delivery Man tells the story of David Wozniak, played by Vince Vaughn, a meat delivery truck driver who discovers that his sperm donations of the past have produced 533 children wishing to know who their father is all the while having to juggle work with his father Mikolaj Wozniak, played by Andrzej Blumenfeld, and his pregnant girlfriend Emma, played by Cobie Smulders.

Before I say anything about this film, I am aware that this is a remake. I've commented about past remakes in the past and have been receiving comments about my ignorance of the film being a remake. This is just from my point of view what I think about the film produced without any outside information. I did not see the original movie Starbuck. This is about Delivery Man.

Anyway, I would like to say that the story was beautifully constructed from start to finish. I liked the drama along with the comedy, making it into a sort of tragicomedy, where I would almost want to cry in one scene then laugh my heart out the next. I like when movies sort of play with my emotions. Those are the best kind of movies.

When I thought about Vince Vaughn, I know that the movies that he stars in lately have been really low quality, but compared to this movie, I am convinced that Vince Vaughn did a great job starring in this movie with Chris Pratt as his sort of sidekick. Hats off to them.

I guess that something that could have been better would be the intensity of the situation not ending on a sort of anti-climatic note. I'm not sure about this point, but I think that the movie was relatively good all-around.

I give this movie a 5/5.

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