Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bedtime Stories - Cheesy Humor Is OK Humor

Before watching this movie, all I knew was that Adam Sandler's character worked in a hotel and the bad guy from Iron Man 3 was the bad guy in this movie.

It was pretty cheesy.

Bedtime Stories tells the story of Skeeter Bronson, played by Adam Sandler, a worker at a hotel once promised a bigger role in the functioning of that hotel, taken away by Barry Nottingham, played by Richard Griffiths, and given to Skeeter's rival Kendall Duncan, played by Guy Pearce. Things for Skeeter seem hopeless until he discovers that his nephew Patrick, played by Jonathan Morgan Heit, and Bobbi, played by Laura Ann Kesling, have magical story telling powers that cause anything that happens in the story to happen in real life.

The opening scene features the turning of pages in a story book presented by Skeeter's father Marty Bronson, played by Jonathan Pryce, each page representing the turning of a new story in a new place. This scene shows that although the story about to be told is told in real life, imagination can run wild in the mind.

I guess Disney tried to do the thing here where imagination outweighs the hardships of real life, just like in a lot of other movies that Disney makes.

However, this is the story of real life versus imagination and many of the things that occur for Skeeter should not actually occur. I get the spontaneous nature of children's films, but in my perspective, this movie should not be considered to be one that I would watch again.

Adam Sandler tries to deliver his humor in the way that he would in any other movie, but I feel that Adam Sandler sucks in terms of his humor if he doesn't curse. Really. Adam Sandler doesn't really function in children's flicks.

Once again, I can see where Disney was trying to go, but a lot of the good Disney movies occur because of the character doing things for themselves whereas others do things for the main character. That's why Frozen is better than this movie. That's why Cars is better than this movie. That's why Pirates of the Caribbean, possibly Enchanted is better than this movie.

I was expecting a bit more from Adam Sandler in this movie.

I give this movie a 3/5.

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