Saturday, February 15, 2014

The LEGO Movie - Communism 101 For Kids

Beforehand, all I knew about this movie is that the entire movie is done by stop motion through LEGO pieces. Also, that the plot of the movie surrounds a supposed nobody chosen to be the savior of the LEGO movie world. No hero as valiant as Batman or Superman has the powers that this nobody possesses, and an evil villain plans to stop this hero.

I was already beginning to feel the cheesiness of the entire thing, but given the ratings that I saw, I did feel like I was underestimating the movie.

Post actually watching the movie, I have a bit more interesting views that I must discuss.

Within the first ten minutes of the movie, I had this vibe that this movie was going to be swell. A toss-up between wise Master Builder Virtruvius, voiced by Morgan Freeman, and the evil villainous Lord Business, voiced by Will Ferrell.  

Everything went smooth up until the LEGO figurines danced to the tune of "Everything Is Awesome". That's when my mind went, COMMUNISM. COMMUNISM. COMMUNISM.

Everything that Emmet Brickowski, voiced by Chris Pratt, described about where he comes from has to do with some aspect of communism. The president, taking over nearly all aspects of life, gives out instructions for each construction worker to live by. Emmet lists out each rule out to the audience in order to give the sense that everything in his daily life has a felt purpose and he is just a drone of the many construction workers who live around him. 

It's not until Wyldstyle, voiced by Elizabeth Banks, drops into Emmet's life that Emmet takes a turn for the worst, becoming a number one suspect of the LEGO community under the watchful eyes of Bad Cop/Good Cop, voiced by Liam Neeson. 

The message of the film comes from a variety of sources. One could argue that the overall vision of the film was to give the essence that one should have the creative freedom to do as they please with the pieces given to them in life, which is the argument I'm sticking to. 

I felt the cheesiness of the ending, which I shalt not spoil, but I felt like everything in that movie makes sense as a whole. No matter the anti-communist ideals that co-inside with the film, I agree with the truth that is imbued in this piece. 

Kudos to the animator. Must have taken many a time to form the film into where it needed to be. Loved all the references to other works and loved the entire work as a whole.

I rate this film a 5/5.

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