Friday, August 8, 2014

Noah - Bible Story Turned over to Hollywood

Before watching this movie, the only thing that I knew was that Noah was based on a story from the Bible about Noah's ark that I'm not too familiar with.

Loved the intensity, that's for sure.

Noah tells the story of Noah, played by Russell Crowe, a man believing the idea of a great flood to wipe the face of humanity from earth by none other than a mystical being called The Creator. He brings his family along the journey to save themselves from this purported idea that crept into his sleep one night.

What an amazing cast first off. Well sort of yes. Sort of no. After watching this entire movie, I felt like we needed more of the actors like Russell Crowe and Emma Watson and Anthony Hopkins. However, I wasn't too sure why Logan Lerman was there; I mean, anyone could have played the role that Logan Lerman was trying for.

As I said before, the intensity was definitely felt. There were some moments were I could not believe the state of mind that these characters needed to be in to successfully pull off. We hated and questions characters for their morals and beliefs and rooted for people that we felt needed to be rooted for. The success of this movie was conveying the need for the main plot that drove the whole story.

That's pretty much it. All of the other subplots and things were pretty much bull. Surely, I did like the whole visualization that the movie had, but really. Ham's, played by Logan Lerman, thing that he tried to construe as betrayal was just something out of thin air. The logic behind a lot of these characters was just pushed beyond belief.

The other element, that I'll try not to get into too much, is the whole Biblical message of this movie. I felt like the intensity of this movie really drained out all of the morals that the original story told of. But once again, this movie was basically thought of to be a huge blockbuster with action and adventure instead of a completely accurate portrayal of the ideologies that this story is supposed to bring out.

Did I enjoy this flick? Yes. I definitely enjoyed it. However, I was not entirely satisfied by the end of this movie.

I give this movie a 4/5.

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