Friday, August 8, 2014

Blended - a Totally Obvious Romantic Comedy That Is Painful to Watch

Before watching this film, I already knew that this era of Adam Sandler would be the worst era ever. I mean, we've literally seen this sort of set-up of a romantic comedy in previous movies with Adam Sandler. I mean, did nobody see Just Go With It?

I have no clue where Adam Sandler's future is going. Stop acting. Please.

Blended tells the story Jim Friedman and Lauren Reynolds, played by Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore respectively, parents from broken homes who try to date each other. Miraculously, their families end up going to South Africa for a "romantic getaway", children and all.

They could not have played this more beautifully. I mean, the way that both of them get together is just too obvious. They could not have made the situation any more perfect for the both of them to take advantage of the romantic getaway, but no. They had to tease a possible rejection and things like that.

This movie is a disappointment to younger Sandler. It is a disappointment to romantic comedies everywhere. This is definitely a cliched romantic comedy in so many ways. We have the flawed teenager Hilary Friedman, played by Bella Thorne, falling for other flawed teenagers with their broken home lives.

I understand what the broken home looks like, but I can guarantee that Adam Sandler made a fool of the whole broken home and made it into this cliche that frankly insults the idea of the broken home.

I admit there were some points where I laughed a bit, but the boundaries were just stretched to a point where some things were plainly not funny after a bit of wasting the same joke over and over.

May humanity never see a random flick with Adam Sandler that is from this decade ever again.

I give this movie a 2/5.

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